Top 5 Benefits of Meditation for Leaders

There have been so many studies into the many benefits of meditation in the past few years which is great to see. However, there are SO many, I'm going to just share a few today that will impact your work and ability to lead... 

Since most of you are leaders, let's focus on some of the key benefits I've found in my leadership and work from meditating. 

You may want to explore more into the areas that interest you, especially benefits that align with your own WHY for starting to meditate in the first place. 

To get help uncovering your WHY for wanting to start a meditation practice and how to get started, plus get a free guided meditation and email course to walk you through the steps, sign up here!

So here are the top benefits that have radically changed how I show up in my leadership, business and work: 


Benefit #1: Less Stress & More Resilient

Probably the most common reason people want to try meditating is to help reduce stress. It was...

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Simple Guide to Meditation for POWERFUL Leaders

The first time I truly realized the power of sharing meditation and mindfulness with leaders was a few years ago now when I was at the University of British Columbia taking a business course for executives.

While chatting with some of my fellow students, we got onto the topic of meditation and I shared my enthusiasm with them…

they were so intrigued that they arranged for me to do a demo session so the other executives could try it out for the first time.

So we sat in one of the classrooms and I walked them through a 5 minute guided meditation. First we started with some breathing, then we relaxed their bodies and calmed their minds.


And once it was done, they were calm and happy, feeling refreshed and relaxed.


But the coolest part?!


Was how many of them had never felt a moment of calm in their minds before! EVER! In their entire lives! And they were in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s!!!!

I was amazed! And honoured to have had the...

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The Power of Setting Intentions - For the New Year

The Power of Setting Intentions

As we enter into the new year, what are you focusing on?


So it’s a new year, have you set your intentions for your BEST YEAR YET? One of the tips I shared in the planning series was to set an intention for a theme for the new year.


Mine is focused on FOUNDATIONS for 2019. While my first response to that coming up in a dream over the holidays was… really?! That isn’t glamourous or sparkly or exciting. Buuuuut, I can see how it will set me up for awesomeness!

My values are relationships with myself and others, health & wellness, excellence & leadership plus creativity.

So when I was tuning into my intention (or theme) for the year... with the goal of improving my health, growing my family and coaching business while having a positive impact on the world, FOUNDATIONS was the word that came to me. 

I know that focusing on the foundation of my life, there will be a solid base to build on in the future. 


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