Podcast Interview: How to Avoid Burnout as a High-Achieving Leader

SUPER EXCITED to share my first ever podcast interview that just went live yesterday!

I had the honour of talking about productivity, energy, alignment and more with the lovely Charlotte Thibault from Finland.

She has a great podcast all about how to be ALIGNED in life and work: The Spiritually ALIGNED Human!

We had a great chat where I shared a bunch of tips that I have developed over the years of personal growth and coaching leaders across the globe.

Our focus of the chat was on: How to Avoid Burnout as a High-Achieving Leader. 

Would you like to know how to 10x your productivity with ease?

I'm excited to show you my secret steps to turn your scheduling INSIDE-OUT!

Download the free Inside-Out Scheduling guide and you'll walk away with:

  • a new approach to scheduling that will 10x your productivity
  • less time working, more time recharging = better results + more ease
  • how to connect to your intuition to tap into this powerful resource daily

WHY: I created this system to help...

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Daily Systems for Success

So today I woke up to a cloudy and rainy day which isn't a big deal but was definitely different than the past few weeks of hot summer weather we've been having lately.

Plus, I was tired from minimal sleep last night and feeling groggy and a bit off my usual positive energy.

So this is where the power of daily routines & habits come in.

On autopilot, I got up at our regular 6am time, made the bed, got dressed & made a healthy breakfast. Sat down with my husband for some quality time over tea & coffee before he headed off to work for the day. Then I spent a bit of time cleaning up the kitchen, doing dishes and shining the sink. At that point there was a choice, to follow the rest of my morning routine or climb back into bed...


What Should You Do Every Day?

Well, this is really up to you to decide what is most important, what habits or skills you're adding to your life, what your priorities are, areas you are succeeding and areas that may need some additional...

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Stuck in a Maze? How to Get Out with Ease!

Every high-achieving leader with big visions of where she/he wants to take their business, team and organization is very familiar with burnout and overwhelm.

  • Sure overwhelm can come from too much to do... massive workloads, lots of responsibility and people to watch over as well as your own responsibilities.
  • But overwhelm can also come from good things like... getting married, moving houses/cities, starting a business, creating something new, meeting new people, etc.


I'm totally familiar with both! At many times of my life!

Because as a high-achiever whose super passionate about many things, I often take on more than other people would think is a good idea.

Yup, I'm the gal that started an MBA while working full time, teaching a weekly meditation class while running a skin-care business and planning a wedding... but that wasn't enough! I also decided to bring my coaching business online and became a director on a non-profit board too!

And my stubborn side and...

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Top Time Mindset Tips to THRIVE!

What is a “time mindset”?

A time mindset is basically what you think about how much time you have, how you use it, whether you believe you’re always early or late about things.

Your mindset is what goes on internally that keeps you doing things the way you do.

As a mindset coach, I have found that a small shift in how you see things can have a MASSIVE difference in your life.

For example, if you find yourself always missing deadlines, rushing to get to appointments, late to meetings, etc… this can be switched by choosing to believe that you already have more than enough time to get everything done and be early for appointments.

This article will cover the top 3 challenges to your time mindset and provide some practical tools to use to shift gears into a mindset where you have an abundance of time for everything that matters to you!

Because I totally believe we can do everything we want and need to do with minimal suffering and struggle… it just...

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BEST YEAR YET Planning Series

Blending both brain & heart to make your Dreams & Goals a Reality!


I’m SO excited to share my BEST YEAR YET Planning Series with you! It’s a simple, yet super effective 6 step process that will help you plan out your upcoming year to reach your goals and dreams with ease, joy and massive progress without burnout!

Whether or not you’re a passionate planner like me, this process is made to be simple, approachable and to bring together both the brain, planning & goal-setting side of you with your more intuitive, creative and emotional, dreaming side.



Head & Heart = Best of Friends!

I’ve found that the two approaches blended together make for the best outcome!

All brain and no heart leaves it passion-less and can end up feeling more like you’re adding a bunch of “shoulds” to your to-do list without enough soul to keep you inspired.

And all heart but no planning can leave you feeling up in the clouds...

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#1 Secret to 10x your Productivity (without burning out & skipping bathroom breaks)

As a High-Achieving, Visionary leader, you are often overworked, overly ambitious (though you hate being called that) and over-tired.

But I am here to share with you my #1 Secret to 10x your Productivity (without burning out or skipping bathroom breaks!)

As a high-achieving leader myself, I understand what you’re going through. I have taken on more than my share of workload repeatedly in most of the roles in my career. At one point, I was replaced by three staff to do the work I was carrying on my own for years. I did this because:

  • I wanted more experience, to learn more, to be challenged, to grow and stretch to progress.
  • Plus honestly, I knew I could do it all, and more! (that’s the high-achieving voice talking, of course!)
  • And one of the times I took on extra duties was due to a shortage of staff and money to hire new personnel so we had to make do. (But honestly, this has been a tendency of mine, my whole life!)

And for a while this can go well, but eventually...

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[Productivity & Happiness Exercise] What's Your 20%?

We’ve all surely heard of the 80/20 Principle, or Pareto’s Law as it’s more formally known. It goes something like this:

80% of the results come from 20% of the effort.

When applied to work, productivity will go through the roof.

And when applied to your life outside of work, your happiness and fulfillment sky-rocket.

It’s often thrown around in business as nothing more than a buzzword. Few actually do a full 80/20 analysis of their business and almost no one we know has likely applied the same to their life as a whole.


The time and energy saved and gained will blow your mind.

All it takes is a shift in thinking.

Try the following exercise for a few weeks and the energy and time in your life will never be the same. :)


Boost your Productivity and Happiness with this 80/20 Exercise!

5 ways to apply the 80/20 Principle to enhance your life in work, friends, and experiences to boost your productivity and overall happiness:

1. Do the 20% of your work...

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