Trust, But Don't Forget to Verify

  • Have you ever expected something to get done or be taken care of, but then it didn't happen?
  • Have you ever assumed something would work, but when you needed it, it turns out it was broken??
  • Have you ever trusted someone to do something, but they didn't do it???


This article will help you with my 3rd Empowered Leadership tip for leaders...

If you'd like to check out the other tips in this Empowered Leader Series here are the links: 

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But first a quick personal story to kick off the concept a bit clearer.

I once bought a used car and then years later ended up getting a flat tire. But when I went to use the spare tire in the back of the trunk, it didn't fit the bolts on the tire. So I...

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Weekend Unwind Idea: Time to Journal

The Sweet time for Self-Reflection & Time to Journal...

If you'd like more support with creating your unique lifestyle where this kind of approach to your life with intention and time to EXHALE is your new lifestyle, then please check out my course that starts in less than two weeks...

This weekend, I encourage you to take time to unwind a bit and pick up your favourite journal, a special pen and some iced tea... then spend some time to journal, unwind, reconnect to yourself and inspire :)

I have journalled for years now, sometimes every day, other times just on weekends and every time it is such a gift!

There was a period of time when I would journal every morning for 30 minutes before starting my day. I was following the daily exercises in the book "The Artist's Way" that recommends you write to fill 3 pages in a stream-of-consciousness approach... it was a stretch at first to fill the pages, especially in a new journal where I used to savour them and not want to mark the...

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The Island of Full Potential

Happy Long Weekend!!!

I love long weekends when I have time for reflection, re-connection with my inspiration and clarity for my next chapter.

So I've created a workbook for you and some reflection exercises for you :)

The Island of your Full Potential!

To understand where you want to go and what you want to create in your life, you need to let go of any fears, limiting beliefs and “should” types of thinking. Instead, you want to consider what you would do, be, have, experience or create without any limits.

You can do this in three steps:

1. Once you have a clear vision, idea or inspiration of where you want to go…

2. Then you look at where you are today.

3. The gap in between is the journey to your Island of Full Potential!

The gap between where you are now and where you want to be is where I can help.

As your coach, I have the tools and strategies to help you travel the distance between where you are today and your desired future.

This can include anything you...

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