How to Master Your MINDSET - Top 5 Most Common Mindset Traps & How to Instantly Get Unstuck!

For years, even as a new coach, I knew that the inner perspectives someone held would greatly influence their ability to reach their goals, have positive interactions with others and enjoy life. Or not.

But it was only 2 years ago when I joined the online coaching communities that I discovered there was actually a term for all of that. Mindset.

And I also discovered that there were coaches out there that specialized in mindset!

So I realized that my actual specialty is around mindset. Sure I help others switch up their schedule to have more time and energy. Plus, I am an expert in leadership and business as well. But truly, the more I thought about it and coached more leaders across the globe, I saw that the inner mindset piece was the most POWERFUL part that could create MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION!

When the mindset piece was strong, the leadership, business and impact pieces could be changed up way more easily. But when it was struggling or stuck, the other areas suffered too!



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Trust, But Don't Forget to Verify

  • Have you ever expected something to get done or be taken care of, but then it didn't happen?
  • Have you ever assumed something would work, but when you needed it, it turns out it was broken??
  • Have you ever trusted someone to do something, but they didn't do it???


This article will help you with my 3rd Empowered Leadership tip for leaders...

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But first a quick personal story to kick off the concept a bit clearer.

I once bought a used car and then years later ended up getting a flat tire. But when I went to use the spare tire in the back of the trunk, it didn't fit the bolts on the tire. So I...

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