My Story



You can do it at any time.

During a pandemic.

With reduced budgets, fewer profits and even when surrounded by fear and uncertainty within your organization, the world and even yourself.

You can also do it when your business is booming, when you're growing faster than you can keep up with and everything is unsure as you establish your new normal.

I figured out how to THRIVE with strong leadership and organizational culture even during challenging times, I'm not special.

I simply learned the power of focusing on my leadership impact from the INSIDEOUT... which set me up to be the strong leader I needed to be.

With an ability to see the strategic viewpoint and set the tone of confidence and vision for the organization as we moved through challenging times (like workforce reductions, re-structuring and staffing struggles, to building a new team, creating culture change from within and creating thriving teams).

If I could do it even before I got my MBA, so can you.

Once you shift from trying to figure it all out on your own, working harder and longer hours just to get by, and implement a proven approach for your leaders and organization to shift out of SURVIVING and into THRIVING...

You'll finally be able to enjoy the increased profits (4x!), stronger engagement, better retention and incredible innovation within your organization to TRULY MAKE A MASSIVE DIFFERENCE in your mission and across the GLOBE!

I've been there so believe me, if I can do it, YOU CAN too!

Sarah Francescutti, MBA, CEC Executive Leadership Coach

Sarah helps visionary organizations and their leaders uplevel their professional and personal excellence so they can THRIVE and have the incredible impact in their business and the world that they are here for!

An award-winning leader, Sarah is a Certified Executive Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) at the professional level with over 600+ hours of coaching experience supporting non-profit, start-ups and government organizations, including their CEO's, executives, senior leaders, VPs, managers, entrepreneurs and leaders across the globe.

Sarah holds a Master of Business Administration specializing in Management Consulting and has been teaching mindfulness meditation since 2012. 

Sarah has over 21 years of experience in leadership roles, primarily in the Canadian federal government, and over 24 years of teaching, speaking and facilitation experience.

She has been an Associate Faculty at the Canada School of Public Service and currently is a Director on a national Not-for-Profit Board where she is the Chair of the National Equity Committee for an organization with over 22,000 employees.

Blending her formal business training and decades of award-winning leadership expertise with her deep understanding of conscious living, personal mastery and neuroscience, Sarah brings it all together to fulfill her mission of empowering visionary organizations and their leaders to have a powerfully positive global impact!

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