Global Impact Starts with Inner Work

Executive leadership coaching for leaders of purpose-driven organizations to cultivate the energy, inner strength and big-picture thinking that generates greater positive impact.

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You Know the Way to Uplevel Your Leaders and Organization

Is to support your people in doing their best work.

You’ve read employee engagement studies and know that:

  • Employees leave managers not jobs (turnover is expensive and stifles progress)
  • Burnout and disengaged employees cost their employers 34% of their annual salary. 


You Want Your People to THRIVE

So you’ve invested in courses, workshops, speakers and leadership retreats…

And you’ve seen short-term gains. 

Too soon, your leaders get lost in the weeds of their To Do lists again.

So instead of sustaining the strategic and creative thinking that can propel your organization forward, they get bogged down, overwhelmed, and burnt out.

Welcome to Exhale and Thrive Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching, Speaking and Consulting that Strengthens Leaders and Organizations From the Inside-Out.

I am Sarah Francescutti.

I believe strengthening leaders and expanding your global impact is an inside-job.

External information does not generate internal transformation.

By cultivating inner strength and resilience first, I help leaders grow their capacity for transformative change that ripples from their teams outward, strengthening your entire organization with higher engagement and productivity rates, and the kind of big-picture vision and inspired solutions that catalyze growth.

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Designed to Thrive: 90 Day Coaching Program

To achieve your mission, you need both POWERFUL leaders and SUPERSTAR employees to create a THRIVING organization.

Designed to Thrive
Sweet Spot: 6 Month Coaching & Consulting Program

For the organization and leader looking for private coaching and consulting so their leadership, teams and organization can THRIVE.

Sweet Spot
Leading Leaders: Global Leadership Summit

Learn from 15 experts over 3 days to create thriving leaders, teams and organizations from the inside-out

Global Leadership Summit