Sweet Spot: 6 Month Executive Leadership Coaching Program

People are our most valuable resource.

To achieve your mission, you need both POWERFUL leaders and SUPERSTAR employees to create a THRIVING organization.

A THRIVING culture increases revenue by 4X.

That is exactly what this program is designed to do, to help your leaders and organization THRIVE so you can make a positive difference in the world!

You have high performing leaders in your organization on your talent management plan with massive potential in their current role and as the next level leaders in your organization…


But they have one or two areas that are holding them back from even greater performance, more inspirational leadership and truly making a difference in your mission of making the world a better place and helping more people in your community, industry and across the globe! 

You see them frantically trying to keep up like they're at a circus spinning plates. Dashing from one plate (meeting, employee mentorship chat, project, customer issue, report, etc) to another.


It’s an unsustainable approach that keeps them from addressing the bigger picture needs of the teams and organization. 

You know there's a better way. 


They could truly shine and lead their teams and the organization to greatness if they could align with their strengths, get focused on the right strategies and discover their leadership Sweet Spot. 

That Sweet Spot is where they can truly shine!

This is exactly what I created this program for! 

For the leader and organization who is ready to get out of the crazy-making circus of spinning plates and into the music-making flow of conducting a symphony.

When leaders are...

  • Tired from all the meetings, important decisions, changes in their team, shifts in org structure, new processes, tools and strategies...  


  • Drained by everything in their personal life, raising kids, caring for parents, personal or family health issues, personal appointments, swim lessons, meal planning and maintaining their home...


  • Stretched thin from the extras they do to give back to their community through volunteering, working on a board, running a side-business or just wishing they had the time and energy to give back and do more...


  • Secretly struggling with inner mindset pieces like low confidence, self-doubt, lack of empowerment, perfectionism, overworking, low levels of resilience, etc...

All the strategies and changes on the outside won't stick, unless we take care of the inner pieces FIRST.


The Sweet Spot where strengths, strategy and synergy all come together to allow your leaders and their teams to show their genius and personal artistry by bringing their own unique strengths and inspired strategies to work every day. 

The Sweet Spot is where the leader shows up inspired, full of energy and passion for what they do, self-aware, charismatic and full of life, empowered, fully engaged and enjoying every moment. 


This Sweet Spot energy radiates out to their teams so every team member is bringing their own strengths and perspectives to the team, also fully engaged, aligned, clear on their roles and empower to improve them daily. 

This Sweet Spot is where the entire team, department or division plays their music individually but also as one orchestra so the output of the team is like watching a talented group of musicians playing moving music beautifully in sync together.

This is how your organization can truly have a powerfully positive global impact, your mission and customers are served better than ever before and the work is done with ease, joy and even DELIGHT!

What is a Sweet Spot?


It's when you are aligned daily, with habits, routines and structures in place to help you thrive in your life and leadership role daily. 


You have time, energy and resilience to spare every day that allows you to take on new creative and strategic leadership projects.


You show up fully present for every team member, meeting, conversation, decision and task you connect with, able to flow with the moment, see the bigger picture and make powerful strategic decisions with ease.


You find things start to magically come together in response to your goals, the perfect team members show up, inspired ideas and clear vision come to you, you see exactly what you need to do to take your leadership, team and organization to the next level so you can truly make a powerfully positive impact on your mission.


You have the time and energy to connect with other leaders in your industry, networking and contributing as a thought leader, moving both your team, organization, career and industry forward.


Your team works together like a finely tuned orchestra, each team member bringing their genius and artistry into their role, empowered, inspired and innovative.


Your team builds on their excellence regularly by naturally improving processes, increasing customer satisfaction, creating more efficiency, reducing costs and creating predictable revenues. 


Your team continues to expand its excellence which has a positive ripple effect across your organization, leading to better customer service, increased revenues and predictable profits... All in support of your big mission!

You know the value of coaching and know it is exactly what your leaders need to up-level their leadership and your organization. 


You are ready to invest in premium high-end coaching today, you have already set aside the funds in your training budget, you've just been looking for the right coach!

The Sweet Spot 6 Month Coaching Program 

For the leader and organization who is ready to get out of the crazy-making, spinning plates and into the music-making flow of conducting a symphony.

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The Sweet Spot: Strengths & Strategy

6 Month Executive Leadership Coaching Package


What's included in the package: 

  • 12 x 60 minute 1:1 coaching calls (every two weeks to allow time for integration and implementation) 


  • 3 x 30-60 minute Management Check-in Calls with the leader's manager (to ensure the key focus areas and progress are aligned with organizational needs)


  • 1 x CliftonStrengths Manager Strengths Assessment (to help the leader focus on using their strengths daily with their team and everyday actions... Leads to greater engagement, performance and confidence among the team) ($79 value)


  • 1 x 90 minute Management Consulting Assessment & Strategy Intensive Coaching Session (to ensure your strategy for your team and organization is keeping the unique needs and challenges of your org in mind and adapting where needed)



  • BONUS 1: Leadership Mastery Course Package ($1366 value)
  • BONUS 2: Designed to Thrive Global Leadership Summit All Access VIP Pass: includes over 20+ leadership trainings from experts across the globe. ($2,498 value)


Total Investment: 

  • $2,000/month for 6 months 


  • $10,000 pay in full
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Cameron Somerville

CEO, LaserCam Fabrications Inc.

Sarah helped me to get out of the survival state and into a more manageable mental state. She also taught me some new management tools to help prioritize and allocate my time. Since then, I’ve been better able to get through the pressing tasks in my days without feeling like I’m drowning in them. She is an asset to have in your corner!

Charna Olson

HQ Administration Officer, Maritime Forces Pacific Headquarters

Sarah is incredibly intuitive. Sarah is motivational, inspiring & committed to your success in mastering the dynamics of your career. Sarah invokes thoughtful self reflection that opens the door to growth & change. Sarah is incredibly intuitive. Sarah is motivational, inspiring & committed to your success in mastering the dynamics of your career. Sarah invokes thoughtful self reflection that opens the door to growth & change.

Stewart Wong

Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs, The Arthritis Society

Sarah provided me with exactly what I was looking for in a coach: a safe sounding board, a voice of encouragement and the ability to see things from a new perspective. Some of the very early conversations we had still resonate with me today. Sarah is personable, funny and knows how to get to the heart of whatever challenge you face.

Here's How It Works

Phase 1 - Leader Focus

  • Week 1: Inside-Out Leadership
  • Week 2: Thriving Leaders & Thriving Teams
  • Week 3: Leadership Strengths, Brand & Team Culture 


Phase 2 - Team Focus

  • Week 4: Delegating with Trust
  • Week 5: Team Strengths & Empowerment
  • Week 6: Cultivating Excellence

Phase 3 - Strategy Focus

  • Week 7: Strategy Assessment
  • Week 8: Targeted Tune Up
  • Week 9: Playing as One Symphony


Phase 4 - Future Focus

  • Week 10: Bringing it all together
  • Week 11: Create your Next 90 Day Plan
  • Week 12: Celebrate your way to Success - the Transformation in your leadership, team and org