How to Master Your MINDSET - Top 5 Most Common Mindset Traps & How to Instantly Get Unstuck!

For years, even as a new coach, I knew that the inner perspectives someone held would greatly influence their ability to reach their goals, have positive interactions with others and enjoy life. Or not.

But it was only 2 years ago when I joined the online coaching communities that I discovered there was actually a term for all of that. Mindset.

And I also discovered that there were coaches out there that specialized in mindset!

So I realized that my actual specialty is around mindset. Sure I help others switch up their schedule to have more time and energy. Plus, I am an expert in leadership and business as well. But truly, the more I thought about it and coached more leaders across the globe, I saw that the inner mindset piece was the most POWERFUL part that could create MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION!

When the mindset piece was strong, the leadership, business and impact pieces could be changed up way more easily. But when it was struggling or stuck, the other areas suffered too!



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Top 5 Benefits of Meditation for Leaders

There have been so many studies into the many benefits of meditation in the past few years which is great to see. However, there are SO many, I'm going to just share a few today that will impact your work and ability to lead... 

Since most of you are leaders, let's focus on some of the key benefits I've found in my leadership and work from meditating. 

You may want to explore more into the areas that interest you, especially benefits that align with your own WHY for starting to meditate in the first place. 

To get help uncovering your WHY for wanting to start a meditation practice and how to get started, plus get a free guided meditation and email course to walk you through the steps, sign up here!

So here are the top benefits that have radically changed how I show up in my leadership, business and work: 


Benefit #1: Less Stress & More Resilient

Probably the most common reason people want to try meditating is to help reduce stress. It was...

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Simple Guide to Meditation for POWERFUL Leaders

The first time I truly realized the power of sharing meditation and mindfulness with leaders was a few years ago now when I was at the University of British Columbia taking a business course for executives.

While chatting with some of my fellow students, we got onto the topic of meditation and I shared my enthusiasm with them…

they were so intrigued that they arranged for me to do a demo session so the other executives could try it out for the first time.

So we sat in one of the classrooms and I walked them through a 5 minute guided meditation. First we started with some breathing, then we relaxed their bodies and calmed their minds.


And once it was done, they were calm and happy, feeling refreshed and relaxed.


But the coolest part?!


Was how many of them had never felt a moment of calm in their minds before! EVER! In their entire lives! And they were in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s!!!!

I was amazed! And honoured to have had the...

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How to establish your EMPOWERED Leadership Brand

A leadership brand? What is that? Why would I need a brand as a leader? 

Sure, you've heard about branding from the perspective of businesses and marketing... but why have it for one person?

Well, you've heard about the concept of dressing for the position you want, not the position you have?

This is the same thing, behaving for the position you want to have, acting as the leader you want to be, being the change you want to see in your business and the world. 

So, let's jump in!


Why create your own "brand" as a leader?

The point to creating a Leadership Brand is to help you be more intentional with your leadership. In how you show up, what you prioritize, why you act the way you do, and the small daily details that end up creating the legacy you are known for.

There's a quote I enjoy that says, "Your energy announces your presence even before you enter the room."  

As leaders it is easy to get distracted by all the last-minute decisions, interruptions,...

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Trust, But Don't Forget to Verify

  • Have you ever expected something to get done or be taken care of, but then it didn't happen?
  • Have you ever assumed something would work, but when you needed it, it turns out it was broken??
  • Have you ever trusted someone to do something, but they didn't do it???


This article will help you with my 3rd Empowered Leadership tip for leaders...

If you'd like to check out the other tips in this Empowered Leader Series here are the links: 

And you can sign up for the full EMPOWERED LEADER e-course here :) 

But first a quick personal story to kick off the concept a bit clearer.

I once bought a used car and then years later ended up getting a flat tire. But when I went to use the spare tire in the back of the trunk, it didn't fit the bolts on the tire. So I...

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Stuck in a Maze? How to Get Out with Ease!

Every high-achieving leader with big visions of where she/he wants to take their business, team and organization is very familiar with burnout and overwhelm.

  • Sure overwhelm can come from too much to do... massive workloads, lots of responsibility and people to watch over as well as your own responsibilities.
  • But overwhelm can also come from good things like... getting married, moving houses/cities, starting a business, creating something new, meeting new people, etc.


I'm totally familiar with both! At many times of my life!

Because as a high-achiever whose super passionate about many things, I often take on more than other people would think is a good idea.

Yup, I'm the gal that started an MBA while working full time, teaching a weekly meditation class while running a skin-care business and planning a wedding... but that wasn't enough! I also decided to bring my coaching business online and became a director on a non-profit board too!

And my stubborn side and...

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Leadership Mastery Roadmap


The Leadership Mastery Roadmap represents the 9 stages every Leader will need to master on the road to success in leadership, business & life. 

I created this framework after coaching hundreds of clients in various leadership roles, career transitions and business scenarios (like you) in my coaching programs.

When you understand the levels of the Leadership Mastery Roadmap, you can put your time and energy into what you know will create the momentum you need to grow and scale to the next level.


What are the steps/stages to lifestyle/leadership mastery?

This roadmap is broken down into 9 steps each building on the previous step. This is to demonstrate the importance of a strong foundation to the next layers on the mastery journey.

There are three stages of the journey:

  • Stage 1: Lifestyle Mastery
  • Stage 2: Leadership Mastery
  • Stage 3: Business Mastery

A leader can...

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Are you in SURVIVE Mode or THRIVE Mode?

The Thrive Matrix: What Is It & How to Use it?

Are you full of extra energy, inspiration and enthusiasm for life, leadership and business?

Or do you feel like you are you running on empty, broken down and needing serious recharging and repairs?

I have been in both spots at various stages of my career, business and personal life.

I know what it’s like to feel like everything is flowing, opportunities, ideas and synchronicity are popping up everywhere, you’re soaring and on top of the world. I call this THRIVE Mode.

And I also know what it’s like to feel lost, hopeless, rushing everywhere, forgetting things, chronically late for meetings or deadlines and barely managing to keep up with work and life. I call this SURVIVE Mode.

Today, I have good news. You don’t have to stay in survive mode for long… You can get to THRIVE mode using my THRIVE Matrix!

And if you are currently THRIVING, this tool will help you spend more and more of your time there!


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