Why Manage Your Energy?

Uncategorized Nov 21, 2017

 When it's out of whack...


It's like driving a car with an empty gas tank.

It's like never getting the oil changed... 

or never repairing your vehicle. 


And we all know how much it would suck,

if you were unable to get to your destination 

because your car failed,

ran out of gas or

broke down on the side of the road! 


It comes down to this...


Managing your energy helps you get where you truly want to go in life, in your career and in your business and more!


With a full gas tank you can do it all!


And have energy to spare! 



But it's more than just filling up the gas tank once...


It's a lifelong journey of adjusting to your needs and the stressors of life!


 That's why I call it the Art of Conscious Living and Leadership!


Because when you know how to manage your energy, you know what fuels you! What inspires and recharges you. You can become clear on your desires, your purpose and passions.


You also know what drains you, and you learn to see what areas could be cleared up and cleaned out. 


This enables you to consciously choose how you show up! 


By becoming artists in managing our energy, we can respond in alignment with our best self (instead of reacting in fear, anger, overwhelm, jealousy, and any other emotion that can take over at times)


This is a gift to ourselves and the world.


When we can treat ourselves with love and do whatever we need to be our best so we can live our best life! 


If you feel called to learn more about managing your energy first, I'd love to chat with you! 

You CAN THRIVE without sacrifice!


Sarah Francescutti

Your Leadership Mindset & Business Strategy Coach


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