#1 Secret to 10x your Productivity (without burning out & skipping bathroom breaks)

As a High-Achieving, Visionary leader, you are often overworked, overly ambitious (though you hate being called that) and over-tired.

But I am here to share with you my #1 Secret to 10x your Productivity (without burning out or skipping bathroom breaks!)

As a high-achieving leader myself, I understand what you’re going through. I have taken on more than my share of workload repeatedly in most of the roles in my career. At one point, I was replaced by three staff to do the work I was carrying on my own for years. I did this because:

  • I wanted more experience, to learn more, to be challenged, to grow and stretch to progress.
  • Plus honestly, I knew I could do it all, and more! (that’s the high-achieving voice talking, of course!)
  • And one of the times I took on extra duties was due to a shortage of staff and money to hire new personnel so we had to make do. (But honestly, this has been a tendency of mine, my whole life!)

And for a while this can go well, but eventually it doesn’t work, you get burnt out, resentful, tired and you begin to take work home on weekends and stay late in the evenings, skipping your lunch breaks and work relationships begin to suffer, as does your personal life and health.

Sure this sounds normal to you, because most leaders in organizations or in running their own business are expected to work long hours and believe that working harder, longer, faster is the way to get more done!

Some of my clients have secretly even shared that this tendency of having SO much work to do, it has led to them being too busy to even take bathroom breaks! And honestly, I’ve been there too. I get it. Obligation, perfection, expectation and high-standards end up forcing you into a corner with a full bladder, hungry stomach, lacking sleep, a thousand emails needing your attention and still tons of work to do!

But I’ve discovered a better way!

A better way to work. A better way to lead. And a better way to live!

The problem, as I see it, for High-achieving, Visionary Leaders like yourself, is that you have unique challenges due to your combined traits of ambition and heart… you are likely like me (and my other high-achieving, visionary clients) who:

  • Regularly work through lunch, evenings and weekends.  
  • Some of you have even confessed to me that you work so much you don't even take time to go to the washroom!


This is because as High-Achievers, you:

  • Are highly accomplished with fast career progression and career/business success.
  • Are involved in the community and give of your time, energy, money and talents to others.
  • Work in a leadership role, take on many projects, more than your share of work.
  • Have a higher education (a Masters degree perhaps) or have plans to complete one soon.
  • Plus, you have received many awards and lots of recognition.
  • And you have grand visions for your future!

And as a Visionary leader you:

  • Dream of a better World.
  • Have grand visions of helping others to lead, inspire and have a positive impact in the world (just like you).
  • And you want to have a positive impact in everything you do: at work, at home and in your community as well as the entire world.

Because of these unique combination of traits (ambition + heart) you are drawn to spreading yourself thin for the good of others and your own goals. Which often leads to missing some basic needs in your life (sometimes as basic as washroom breaks, time to eat lunch in peace and sleeping well).

This is an eyebrow-raising issue because this is not the way to live on a long-term basis. It is not sustainable and we cannot set this example for those that we are leading. Nor is it healthy for us. I believe we live in an unsustainable work culture and it is time to change!

It is my mission to shift the workplace and leadership mindset to new way of leading and a new way of life. It is time that we prioritize what is truly important first!


It is time to turn how we approach leadership, work and living Inside-Out!

As High-Achieving, Visionary Leaders, it is easy to take on a pile of obligations that leave you buried under your ambition and your work.

But there is a better way!

I like to call it Inside-Out Scheduling, because from the many clients and friends I've shared this with, it can seem backwards at first.

It is time to get out of Survive mode and into Thrive mode!

In my free Inside-Out Scheduling Guide, I've broken down this unique approach to scheduling into 4 Simple steps:

  1. Align
  2. Assess
  3. Schedule
  4. Everything Else

If you are ready to 10x your productivity, create more energy, more time and increase your impact with ease… and stop working through lunch, weekends and bathroom breaks, then I have a free gift for you.


This Inside-Out scheduling strategy is the first step in my signature Exhale & Thrive Strategy that I teach my 1:1 VIP clients and in my Lifestyle Mastery for Leaders group program for High-Achieving, Visionary Leaders to get out of Survive Mode and into Thrive Mode. I’m super excited to share this with you because it can be life-changing when you just take the time to make this one easy shift!

Download my free Inside-Out Scheduling Guide to discover how you can apply this unique scheduling approach to your own life and Leadership so you can maximize your productivity time energy and impact!



Sarah Francescutti, MBA, CEC

International Mindset & Business Strategy Coach for High-Achieving, Visionary Leaders


PS - If you are looking for additional support on how to get into THRIVE Mode quickly, I have 2 spots open this month for 1:1 VIP coaching. You can apply here: exhaleandthrive.com/apply


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