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Experience the Freedom of a TRANSFORMATIONAL Leadership Impact from the Inside-Out

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What got you here won't get you there.

You're used to working hard - really hardYou've put in the time, energy and effort to get your career, leadership impact and businss/organization to where it is today, and it's paid off.

But now you're at a point where you're wondering if you can keep up the pace or take on more. When your systems are unscalable...

  • Working harder ≠ more success
  • Your leadership approach becomes self-limiting
  • Your teams start to stagnate and fail
  • You feel like you have to squeeze life around your work
  • Your to-do list only ever grows longer
  • Every day is a race against the clock
  • Burnout starts creeping in
  • You make less impact than your work deserves and you aren't living, earning or leading up to your potential

This is the EXACT roadblock that most leaders, new managers, senior leaders and even CEOs and directors face when they’re right on the verge of next-level success. Most continue doing the same thing for far too long, expecting different results. Apply for the THRIVING Leader Mastermind and finally get systems that maximize your potential in place that grow your leadership impact (even when you're not around). 

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You deserve a career that works for you. (not the other way around)

“I want to scale my leadership impact and help more people with my work — but I don’t want to sacrifice my freedom, health, or career to do it…”
I get it. Just a few years ago I was working in an executive role, juggling a full calendar - back-to-back meetings, too much to do every day, last-minute high-profile projects and fires to put out all the time, and wishing I had the time to mentor my team more, grow my business and give back to the community. (with my health suffering too)
That all changed when I developed the THRIVE Matrix and Thriving Leader System.
Now I'm able to support clients in my government day job, coach leaders across the globe and lead a national organization in my director role... 
all while also being a new mom, having a wonderful marriage, (better health than I've had in over a decade!) and time to spend with friends and family and myself!

The Transformational Leader Mastermind Program is made up of 5 layers that...

  • Leadership Foundations: Helps you to show up as your THRIVING strategic, visionary, present, genius self every day
  • Personal Leadership: Brings out your unique leadership approach, strategic communication and delegating with trust
  • Team Leadership: Empowers your teams to be fully engaged and bring their genius to work every day
  • Organizational Leadership: Guides change within your organization so innovation and wellbeing are top priorities, while building revenues 4X
  • Community/Industry Leadership: Inspires you to give back to the community by sharing your thought leadership, unique voice and wisdom with the world!

Inside the TRANSFORMATIONAL Leader Mastermind you’ll receive All The Tools You Need To Become a Transformational Leader

This program is for high-achieving leaders who are ready to take their leadership, teams and organization to the next level. From increasing personal resilience, mastering mindset and productivity to fully empowered teams and a thriving organization.

Gallup found that thriving organizations can 4x revenues... this program will show you the exact steps and strategies to make that a reality in your organization. 

Imagine what 4x your revenues could do for your organization?

How much of an impact could you make with fully empowered teams?

How would your life or the life of your leaders be different when they show up as their transformative selves?

To do this, you need to know and become an expert in TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP. 


First by transforming yourself from the inside-out.

Then transforming your teams both individually and as a group, empowering them to bring their genius to work every day. 

Next, transforming your organization from culture and processes to guide your organization to become a leader in your industry.

Finally, by giving back through sharing your expertise, passion and transformational abilities with both your industry and broader community.

A Year of Mentorship


Monthly Payment Plan

  • 24x 60 minute group coaching calls ($6,000 value)
  • Monthly trainings 
  • Bonus #1: 2x 1:1 Sessions extra support from time of purchase to end of 2023 ($1,000 value)
  • Bonus #2: Leadership Mastery Package ($1366 value)
  • Bonus #3: Leading Leaders Summit VIP All-Access  Pass ($2498 value)

Total value: $11,864

Investment: $375/month

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A Year of Mentorship


Pay In Full

  • 24x 60 minute group coaching calls ($6,000 value)
  • Monthly trainings 
  • Bonus #1: 2x 1:1 Sessions extra support from time of purchase to end of 2023 ($1,000 value)
  • Bonus #2: Leadership Mastery Package ($1366 value)
  • Bonus #3: Leading Leaders Summit VIP All-Access  Pass ($2498 value)
  • BONUS #4: Private Intensive with Sarah when you Pay In Full ($2,000 value)!

Total value: $13,864

Investment: $4,500

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