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1:1 VIP Coaching Client Testimonials

Executive clients providing feedback on their 4 month coaching experiences.

"Sarah provided me with exactly what I was looking for in a coach: a safe sounding board, a voice of encouragement and the ability to see things from a new perspective. Some of the very early conversations we had still resonate with me today. Sarah is personable, funny and knows how to get to the heart of whatever challenge you face. "

Stewart Wong
Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs, The Arthritis Society

"I found the 1:1 coaching very helpful. Sometimes situations arise at work where an objective ear and perspective can help provide guidance and feedback. Personally, I used many of the tips my coach provided. The sessions allowed me to gain new insights regarding leadership styles/behaviours that will benefit my career development in my current organization and in future work places."

Director of Rehabilitation & Education Program
National Non-Profit Organization

"I don't know that I had any recommendations to improve the process as I really enjoyed mine exactly the way it was done and presented. I would however, highly recommend it to anyone who asked. This is the first time I have worked with a coach and found it very helpful and insightful. Sometimes it is hard to hear feedback when awkward situations arise but it is so important, as leaders, to challenge yourself to hear and to listen and to make changes in how you approach situations. I was very grateful for the opportunity. "

VP Research
National Non-Profit Organization

"I've found it to be extemely helpful in providing me with another perspective to see the issues I face. I also found it gratifying to have a truly "safe" place to describe issues of concern I have. In verbalizing my thoughts, I also had a chance to reflect upon them. I found my coach to be an excellent listener and provided encouragement at opportune times. This had the effect of feeling a bit "lighter" at the end of most of my sessions. "

Executive Director, Quebec
National Non-Profit Organization

"I am extremely pleased with the coaching I received and would be pleased to see it continue in some format as a workplace program. It would be wonderful if we were able to find a way to implement it throughout our organization. I would recommend starting with the top leaders and then working our way down - rolling it out to directors and then maybe even managers (or perhaps additional training at the director and higher level would allow us to execute the coaching to our teams). By doing it that way, we are looking at organizatinoal change that (hopefully) would have strong supporters from the top down, so that we can be supportive of each other and of those who report to us... and then they can in turn do the same for those that report to them. "

Chief Development Officer
National Non-Profit Organization

"The coaching program was extremely beneficial. One of the primary outcomes was that the time-limited and structured approach ensured that we quickly identified the area we wanted to focus on, and then each week we would talk about ways to move that agenda forward and I would commit to doing specific things which we would then discuss in our next call. We would look at the results achieved, talk about next steps and continually pus to move the objective further. The discipline of both thinking about what possible options would be and which would be best, started during the call, but continued throughout the week... knowing that I had someone who was committed to helping me achieve the goals I needed to. It also reinforced the skill set of continually questioning and thinking about the best way to achieve a goal and to overcome roadblocks quickly."

Executive Director, Atlantic
National Non-Profit Organization

"During a time where I experienced what I perceived to be career barriers, Sarah generously provided me with coaching and mentoring assistance. She crafted a very clear coaching relationship agreement which achieved the desired results on both our parts. In every instance that I turned to Sarah for support and guidance she was there for me both professionally and personally. I counted on her. Sarah strengths are far reaching, if I had to declare the strengths that I admire most and wish to emulate, I would definitely say its her optimism and encouraging manner. Sarah gently encouraged me to reach for my goals and provided sage advice and guidance that gave me hope. Sarah is a person who is very predictable, in saying that I mean she is not flighty or emotional. She is reliable. I know what to expect when I call her and knowing this is very reassuring. I know I am a better person for having Sarah in my life both professionally and personally. "

Charna Olson
Manager, Department of National Defence

Lifestyle Mastery for Leaders Client Testimonials

Feedback from group coaching clients who participated in the 4 month group coaching program.

Ginestra Morar, Relationship Coach


When I met Sarah a few months ago I was completely lost. I had an idea in my head about my business, but was just an idea. Sarah’s Lifestyle Mastery for Leaders coaching programme helped me to keep focus and take action every single day. She showed me how to listen to my body and my energy waves in order to not feel the frustration and the struggling. She show me how to keep on my schedule, to focus on my goals to exhale and to thrive! She was my friend and my mentor and encouraged me all my way along. Her experience and knowledge was shared with a full commitment for me and my goals.

When it was the time to make my first FB live and the fear paralyzed me, Sarah was there for me encouraging me and reminded me that I was ready. She tell me to reconnect with my soul and to do my teaching from this space of love.

At the end of the programme with Sarah, I had my own FB group with 40 people who was following my teaching, my 6 weeks pilot of my coaching programme was ready to lunch and had my first paying coaching clients. I was confident and I knew that I took the right way in my life.

I absolutely recommend Sarah’s coaching programme.

(*Note: less than a month after completing the Lifestyle Mastery for Leaders program, Ginestra signed her first coaching client for $3,000! I'm super proud of her transformation in such a short time!)

Shrell Dawn, Intuitive Eating Coach


I just wanted to touch base here. It's been a bit of a whirlwind preparing for and enjoying the holidays, but today has been one of rest and reflection. I was able to get through the Exhale portion of the course, although still working on some of the workbook exercises that will take some more time, like going through all the things I'm tolerating, and the yin/yang energy lists...I'm finding that I definitely have more Yang activities in my life. It seems I tend to feel I need to get through the Yang stuff first in order to enjoy the Yin, but I must remind myself that allowing the Yin is necessary to complete the Yang! lol.  

Seeing your calendar helped me be able to visualize how to set mine up, so thank you Sarah. I've resisted using virtual calendars b/c I also like writing in my book, and I find it's just more work to do both, but perhaps I'm missing a better way of doing that. 

Despite being super busy this time of year, I wanted to express that having written out my personal WHY from the first segment did help keep me from feeling completely exhausted and frustrated with the hectic schedule. I was able to remember that what I was doing was in support of my why's, to be around family and friends, to welcome them in my home, to make them feel loved and cherished with good food and thoughtful gifts, and my every "task" I had to do was then shifted to a place of energy and love rather than a "have to" list to felt really good and i ended my days with a positive feeling rather than one of drowning. 

Many blessings, xoxoxo

"When I started the LML program, I felt like my life was lacking focus and direction. Most days felt frantic and like I was not living up to my full potential, whatever that was. I felt like I knew where I wanted to go and where I wanted to be, I just didn’t know how to get there. Within the first 2 months, I have found that I am more productive, more aligned and more focused. I would highly recommend taking this program to anyone who feels like they are reaching for the impossible, but they just don’t seem to be getting any closer to reaching their goals or potential, but would like a clearer vision or path for how to get there."

Marie Amoto
Business Consultant & Federal Government Manager

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Single Session Testimonials

In just one coaching session, here are some of the results we created by focusing on each person's unique challenges & goals.

Erena Oliver, Relationship Whisperer @ Bullyproof Relationship Revolution



It truly was an awesome hour spent with Sarah today - Huge insight, fun, laughter and sharing. I was amazed at how easy clarity comes through sharing, being asked the right questions and having someone present, holding space for potential can be. Thank you Sarah.

"It was so great chatting with Sarah. She has such a beautiful spirit and her energy is very authentic. I appreciate everything she had to say during my coaching session. I am excited for the near future and all it has to offer!"

Vicky Paton
Motivational Speaker

"Five stars! Appreciated the clear, precise changes recommended by Sarah and the time imparted towards an empowering session."

Monica Kamran
Reiki Practitioner & Owner of Inner Sanctuary Wellness

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