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Simply Mindful Introduction to Meditation

This 5 day online introduction to meditation class will help you establish your meditation practice so you can add the many benefits of meditation to your life! Reduce stress, increase concentration, focus and happiness, improve relationships at work and at home, and more! All with just a few minutes a day :)


5 video training sessions that you can watch at your own pace plus 5 workbooks to help you establish your meditation practice and apply the learnings in your life. 


Each day has a guided meditation to help you start or refresh your meditation practice. Ranging from 5 - 28 minute meditations with multiple different techniques to help you learn and try out different approaches to your practice. 


A bunch of extras: Bonus training, a recommended reading list to get you started, plus additional articles to expand your meditation and mindfulness toolbox!

Program Modules

This program was created to be completed over a period of 5 days, or you can spread it out over 5 weeks...

Day 1: Meditation Benefits & Knowing your WHY: In this module, we'll be talking about the many benefits of meditation and creating clarity around why you are interested in meditation and mindfulness. 

  • Guided Meditation: Just Breathe

Day 2: Creating Your Plan & Habits for Success: In module 2, we'll talk about creating your detailed meditation plan using habit changing best practices of using a trigger and reward system plus making a commitment to yourself will help you succeed. 

  • Guided Meditation: Relax the Body

Day 3: Overcoming Myths, Challenged & Beliefs: In module 3, we'll be talking about common myths, challenges and beliefs around meditation, plus I'll show you exactly how to overcome each one!

  • Guided Meditation: Quieting the Mind & Verbal Chatter

Day 4: Training Your Brain: In module 4, we'll be talking about the impacts of meditation on the BRAIN! I love chatting about this topic because this is a big area where our meditation practice can have a HUGE impact! 

  • Guided Meditation: Surfing Your Brainwaves

Day 5: Your NEW VISION for your Life: In module 5, we talk about what comes beyond meditation itself. We discuss how you can bring mindful awareness into ALL areas of your life. Until eventually, everything you do becomes a meditation! 

  • Guided Meditation: Intuition & Your NEW Vision for Life

Plus BONUS Training: 

  • Bonus #1: True Meditation Training Video
  • Bonus #2: De-clutter Your Mind Exercise
  • Bonus #3: 6 Surprising Benefits of Meditation @ Work
  • Bonus #4: 11 Ways to be Mindful Beyond Meditation

"The guided meditation was great. Your voice has a lovely tone to listen to... it really comes through nicely in the recording. Thanks for including me in the mini classes!"

Sophia F.

"Sarah has a voice of an angel!"

Lori R.
Acupuncturist & Life Coach

"Most helpful video I've come across. Thank you. "

Norman B.
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"Great video! Your voice is great. "

Impertore C.
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"Love your meditations. Your voice is SO calming. Looking forward to more! "

Robert L.
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"Love the research supporting this! (regarding the impacts on the brain on day 4)"

Erica B.
Parole Officer

Sarah Francescutti, MBA, CEC

Mindfulness, Mindset & Business Strategy Coach for High-Achieving, Visionary Leaders & Entrepreneurs