It is YOUR time to THRIVE!


Lifestyle Mastery for Leaders

A 4-Month Group Coaching Program for High-Achieving, Visionary Leaders & Entrepreneurs who Desire to THRIVE! This program will help you to recover from burnout and stress, and shift from frantic and chaotic to focused, clear and thriving... where you live a fulfilling lifestyle and create your own amazing impact in the world as a Superstar Leader!

Do you Desire to...

Manage stress from work and personal life through creating long-lasting work life balance? Develop a positive mindset and authentic approach to life to enhance your leadership and relationships? Create your fulfilling lifestyle and finally have the impact on the world you’ve wanted?


  • Stop working yourself to the point of burnout!
  • Get crystal clear on your authentic leadership style, business goals, strategies and systems, plus your values and vision!
  • Become fearless and be the leader you are meant to be!


  • You’re a brand new leader, a senior executive who’s been around for a while or just starting your business;
  • You’re secretly wondering how other leaders do it all while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fulfilling relationships;
  • Or, you still haven’t mastered all the leadership skills to have the impact you truly want to have…


I understand your pain and you’re in the right place!

I'm Sarah Francescutti, MBA, CEC

A Leadership Mindset and Business Strategy Coach, I teach mindfulness, positivity and professional excellence through time management, self-care and work-life balance to high-achieving, visionary leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to rise up and reach the next level in their career and life, without any sacrifice in their health, happiness or personal life. 

I created my signature program, Lifestyle Mastery for Leaders to support high-achieving, visionary leaders who are ready to show up, stand out and make their unique difference in the world. They are ready to UPLEVEL their lives and in the lives of those they lead by doing work they love, running a successful business and having a positive impact in the world! 

I believe our paths have crossed for a reason, if you have been struggling in any way, I have good news... It is now YOUR time to THRIVE and I'm here to show you how!

Introducing, Lifestyle Mastery for Leaders!

My signature program, Lifestyle Mastery for Leaders Group Program is for leaders who desire a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle that will minimize stress and maximize their authentic leadership and relationships both at work and at home.

 It is a coaching package in a league of its own. I teach leaders to take time to exhale, unwind and focus on self-care to recharge and maintain a THRIVING level of energy, by creating ease in their work and personal lives! 

By creating your personal thriving lifestyle, you will maximize your impact on the world and boost your overall happiness and fulfillment.

Clients have told me that before we worked together, they were stuck not knowing where to turn or how to progress in their careers but after working together they moved into their dream jobs, had significant career success, built their own coaching businesses and reached their business and personal goals.

This Program is for YOU if...

Your dream of being the authentic, grounded yet, high-achieving, impactful leader you are meant to be feels unobtainable due to the constant pressure and deadlines that drain your energy and passion!

  • You work in a brain-based role where your mind is continuously going and you are unable to turn off so you have difficulties sleeping.
  • You rush all the time, are stuck putting out fires and are overwhelmed with the work that needs to be done and the drama of the people you are leading.
  • Or, if you have a healthy lifestyle already but want to take it to the next level.
  • You know that leadership and professional excellence is a life-long journey and you are ready to learn what mindfulness is all about so you can add the benefits to your life, boost your work and enhance your leadership.
  • You are ready to take your lifestyle, career and business to the next level of awesome!

I understand that to change lifestyle takes courage and a willingness to do things differently so I will be there to cheer you on and encourage you to try new things while building on your strengths to enhance your confidence to step out of your comfort zone personally and professionally to create the lifestyle you desire.

Throughout the program, I am here to support you with my full focus and presence during our group coaching sessions.

I help you discover your own thriving lifestyle through discovering your personal leadership style and masterful lifestyle plan, adapting the program to focus where you want to work most.

Plus UNLIMITED email access to me to address any questions you may have or provide feedback on any area you are working on. On top of that, you will also receive a VIP invite to my Exhale & THRIVE Lifestyle Mastery Mastermind Facebook group where you will be in an exclusive VIP mastermind community for ongoing support during and beyond the program. 


Program Outline

This program will help you THRIVE in ALL areas of your personal and professional life by following Sarah's Signature Exhale & Thrive System to help you develop and expand your unique version of conscious living & leadership.

Month 1: ALIGN

  • Module 1: Overview of the Exhale & Thrive System and Setting Intentions

  • Module 2: ALIGN: Knowing your Why, Values & Non-Negotiables

  • Module 3: EXHALE: Fill your Energy Tanks

  • Module 4: THRIVE: Create Momentum & Positively Powerful Beliefs


Month 2: RESET & SOAR

  • Module 5: RESET: Reset your Life to Reach your Goals

  • Module 6: SOAR: Surfing the Waves of Energy & Emotion

  • Module 7: PLAN: Setting up to Make This your Best Year Yet

  • Module 8: SCHEDULE: Set up your Life to Reach & Surpass Your Goals & Dreams



  • Module 9: THRIVE: Using the Thrive Matrix

  • Module 10: LEAD: Upgrade Your Leadership Mindset

  • Module 11: CLEAR: Upgrade Your Physical & Emotional Environment

  • Module 12: LOVE: Upgrade Your Relationships with Yourself & Others

  • Module 13: HABITS: Upgrade Your Habits to Create More Ease & Productivity



  • Module 14: VISION: Creating the Future YOU

  • Module 15: CELEBRATE: Reflect & Celebrate Your Accomplishments 

  • Module 16: CONCLUSION: Bringing it All Together & Next Steps

The Lifestyle for Leaders 4 Month Group Coaching Program includes: 

16 x Weekly Training Videos ($800 value)

16 x Weekly Self-Reflection & Implementation Workbooks ($800 value)

Private Lifestyle Mastery for Leaders Community FB Group (connecting with other like-minded high-achieving, visionary leaders... priceless)

8 x Semi-Monthly Group Coaching Calls ($2,000 value)

BONUS #1: Simply Mindful Intro to Meditation Course ($147 value)

BONUS #2: Inside-Out Scheduling Training Package ($125 value)

Total Program Value: $3,922



Your Investment: Start today for only 4 payments of $547 

OR Pay in Full for only $2,000 

Sign up TODAY!

You might be wondering..

Q: Are you teaching me actual strategy and how you do things in this program?

A: Yes! I am showing you all the things from how I am doing mindset work, checking in with myself, scheduling, delegating, upleveling every area of my life, etc.

Anything you want or need to know will either be covered in the modules or you can simply ASK.

I am not holding any answers or strategies back from you, HOWEVER, this program is designed to teach YOU how to customize YOUR OWN lifestyle, schedule and leadership strategy and choose your next move on your own without panic, overwhelm or anxiety. 

Q: When does the program actually start?

A: As soon as you join you get access to the first week of the program with an overview of what to expect for the next 4 months. Then you will have new training modules delivered into your inbox each week. 

Once you join you will also get access to the full run down of dates and times for all of the group coaching calls during the program.

Q: What if I cannot make it to the Q&A Group Coaching sessions?

A: When I invest in a program I take every action possible to move around my schedule to show up fully for the content. However, I’ve been there where it still doesn’t work out. You will have many opportunities to ask me questions. You can ask anytime in the group which I am checking in on daily (and any questions I miss in the group will be answered on the next Q&A or you can send in your question before the Q&A to be answered on the live Q&A coaching session.

I do not believe in programs without extra support and I see massive, massive value in you being able to ask your SPECIFIC questions to me and [my promise to you] I will make any question you have over the next 4 months around hitting your business, leadership and life goals are answered.


Q: What if I don’t know my next move right now? Is this right for me?

A: Let me call you out for a minute. I’m going to take a wild guess and say you probably have a couple ideas of your next steps.

And if you’re really, really honest with yourself.. you know which one you’d genuinely like to do most.

But, you have a list of reasons why that could go wrong, or be a bad idea… sounding familiar?

If you aren't looking for personal and professional growth and expansion, or aren't serious about investing time, energy and resources to create the dream life, leadership impact and biz you are yearning for, then this is this is not the program for you.

This is for committed, dedicated, high-achieving leaders with a vision (or yearning and we can help you get clarity) for who you want to be as a world-changing leader... who are ready to make a difference in the world but know they are getting in their own way and are craving support from a mentor who not only has endless strategies and answers to share with you, but also intuitive guidance for you specifically as well as empowers you to look within and learn to run your business and be an amazing leader yourself.


Q: What level should I be at in my business or leadership career before joining?

A: I designed this program for leaders at heart. If you are in a leadership role and/or are running your own business as an entrepreneur (or doing both!) then this is for you. 

Maybe you have a business already or want to start one but not sure how to find the time or energy, where to start or what to do.

Or maybe you are in a leadership role from a senior executive to new manager, this program is also going to work for you if you are craving a major increase in results, massive impact and excellence in your team and business while following your own path and staying in total alignment.


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