The Island of Full Potential

Happy Long Weekend!!!

I love long weekends when I have time for reflection, re-connection with my inspiration and clarity for my next chapter.

So I've created a workbook for you and some reflection exercises for you :)

The Island of your Full Potential!

To understand where you want to go and what you want to create in your life, you need to let go of any fears, limiting beliefs and “should” types of thinking. Instead, you want to consider what you would do, be, have, experience or create without any limits.

You can do this in three steps:

1. Once you have a clear vision, idea or inspiration of where you want to go…

2. Then you look at where you are today.

3. The gap in between is the journey to your Island of Full Potential!

The gap between where you are now and where you want to be is where I can help.

As your coach, I have the tools and strategies to help you travel the distance between where you are today and your desired future.

This can include anything you...

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Are you Ready to EXHALE???



• Create your meditation practice and exhale lifestyle so you can have the energy and focus to do what you love?

• Work with ease and flow so you have a bigger impact in your work, business and community with less effort?

• Understand your traps and the keys to unlocking them so you can have a full gas tank of energy to help you create a life (health, wealth, work, relationships and happiness) that’s a true reflection of your heart’s desire?

• Design a lifestyle that makes you feel truly excited to get out of bed every morning, and inspires everyone you meet?

IF YOU ANSWERED “YES,” “YES” AND “YES” AGAIN, and if you’re feeling more excited with each moment that passes, then click the “I’M READY” button below to get started right away.


 Or, you can choose to go back to life as usual…

Back to struggling with...

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3 Ways to Keep the "Vacation Feeling" ALL YEAR LONG...

So it's summer time and everyone is enjoying time outside in the sun, camping, swimming at the lake, ocean or relaxing on the beach... picnics, delicious dinners on the patio and time relaxing in a hammock...

This AWESOME "Vacation Feeling" of being relaxed, replenished and happy is a fantastic feeling and I have good news for you... It doesn't need to disappear as soon as school is back in at the beginning of September and we all get back to "the daily grind."

Through years of my own personal journey and in the process of coaching/teaching others, I have figured out how to keep that feeling going all year long...

This past long weekend I spend with my new in-laws at their beautiful home where we enjoyed relaxing outside with beautiful meals outdoors, playing with our nieces in the kiddie pool, lounging in the hammock... Plus we also went boating up at the lake and swimming in the beautiful warm, yet refreshingly cool lake water. It was a perfect weekend although my dog, Swift...

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My #1 Secret to Success & Almost Effortless Excellence!

Sometimes we can overthink things, wanting them, getting caught in our heads and out of the present moment.

But it can really be simple, easy and effortless.

Just remember to breathe, connect with yourself, your emotions and your vision for the future. Then the way becomes clear, the effort becomes easy and action almost happens on its own.

Whether it is one mindful breath or a full meditation session, you can shift into ease and flow...

This is the sweet spot of effort-less effort, also known as Wu-Wei.


Be still.

Stop thinking.



Take action.


See, it can be simple and easy to reconnect with your inspiration, your flow, your genius and joy!

Take just one mindful breath, move your awareness into your body and visualize, connect to your intuition and intention. Then the rest can flow with effortless ease. <3


Your Leadership Mindset & Business Strategy Coach

PS - Creating effortless effort in your work,...

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[Productivity & Happiness Exercise] What's Your 20%?

We’ve all surely heard of the 80/20 Principle, or Pareto’s Law as it’s more formally known. It goes something like this:

80% of the results come from 20% of the effort.

When applied to work, productivity will go through the roof.

And when applied to your life outside of work, your happiness and fulfillment sky-rocket.

It’s often thrown around in business as nothing more than a buzzword. Few actually do a full 80/20 analysis of their business and almost no one we know has likely applied the same to their life as a whole.


The time and energy saved and gained will blow your mind.

All it takes is a shift in thinking.

Try the following exercise for a few weeks and the energy and time in your life will never be the same. :)


Boost your Productivity and Happiness with this 80/20 Exercise!

5 ways to apply the 80/20 Principle to enhance your life in work, friends, and experiences to boost your productivity and overall happiness:

1. Do the 20% of your work...

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NEW FREE Masterclass - 5 Steps to Leadership & Lifestyle Mastery

If you're looking for ways to increase your Leadership & Lifestyle Mastery then this training is for you!!!

During the training, I'll share a bunch of actionable steps that you need to take to MASTER your leadership whether in a formal corporate or government leadership role or as a business owner:

The top 10 leadership TRAPS that keep you from SOARING in your career, business and in your personal life.

The 3 KEYS to unlock those TRAPS so you can finally FLOURISH & THRIVE with ease, flow and joy in all areas of your life.

How and why managing your ENERGY (not your TIME) is the SECRET ingredient you are missing.

The stunningly simply yet POWERFUL mindset shifts of SUPERSTAR LEADERS you can implement today (that I've pulled together from over a decade of working with top leaders in government and non-profit coaching clients)


Register here to get immediate access to the training session!

Leadership and Lifestyle MASTERY is possible...

Use these 5 steps to get you...

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We've Definitely Crossed Paths for a Reason... 

I believe that we crossed paths for a reason... 

If you’re looking for a major shakeup in your life right now that can get you out of the world of the ordinary and put you into a new, brighter, better, happier world where you have more excitement and control over your life …


 Then I invite you to join me for the “Lifestyle Mastery for Leaders” group coaching program. It will change your life in amazing ways… guaranteed.

4 months of training and group coaching to support you as you create:


1. Effortless Excellence: through creating time to exhale, unwind and replenish regularly to work with ease and effortless-effort!


2. Boost your Happiness & Fulfillment to THRIVE: through positive psychology techniques to train your brain for happiness, decrease stress and increase gratitude and joy!


3. Lifestyle & Leadership Mastery: explore all areas of your leadership both professionally &...

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Just 6 Seconds of Mindfulness Can Make You More Effective


On a Mindset & Mindfulness Monday, I figured I'd share this article with you that talks about how only 6 seconds of mindfulness can increase your effectiveness (by Chade-Meng Tan that originally was published in HBR).


As you may have noticed, I love hearing about how mindfulness can be used to enhance our roles as leaders and how it can impact our brains. 


This article has both brains & leadership techniques based on mindfulness... enjoy!




Some days it’s really draining to be a senior executive. You sit in meetings for hours on end, and every decision you need to make is difficult—all of the easy decisions have already been made at levels below you. On those days, you know you could be a much more effective leader if you could approach each meeting with a fresh perspective. But in order to do that, you first need to put down the baggage you carried in from all your previous...

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Season Changes, Time of Harvest & Celebrations

As the weather turns cooler, the leaves of the trees surrounding my house are turning brown and when I walk my cutie-pie dog, Swift, the ground is starting to be covered with leaves… This is my favourite time of year, when the air cools and becomes fresh while we all bundle up and start wearing our winter boots, scarves, sweaters and jackets.

At each change of the season, I take time to reflect on the past chapter and set intentions for the new season. I shared with you already a bit about this in my previous email/post about setting intentions. Today, I’d like to share with you an exercise I do to reflect on the past season and celebrate all the learning, experiences and accomplishments!
3 Easy Steps to Celebrate the Season

1. Reflect: This is where you take time with your favourite journal and a delicious cup of tea (since it’s fall my #1 choice this time of year is chai tea) to take time to reflect on all...

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A New Season – A New You! Setting Your Autumn Intentions

As we enter into the new fall season, what are you focusing on?

For years now, I have been setting goals and intentions seasonally. I always split up my focus and effort by the seasons since each season has its own energy and focus. The summer was full of fun, holidays, entertaining and just lounging in the sun or getting outside.

My summer was focused on getting married to my new hubby and all the
family get-togethers and preparations that came with throwing a week-long celebration with 75 guests. Then the rest of the summer was spent relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family, visits to the lake and camping in nature were some of the highlights, after marrying my best-friend, of course ;)

Now that we change gears into the fall season, my focus is turning more
towards massive self-care and growing my business. What are your intentions and goals for this next season?

If you aren’t sure and haven’t set your intentions for the...

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