A Recipe for Burnout

I know you… successful leader, manager and/or entrepreneur, working too hard, giving to everyone but yourself.

You’re known for getting amazing results (or you believe you would be if you could just work HARDER and LONGER hours).

And sure, on the surface you’ve got it going on--the life, career and business everyone is aspiring to achieve.


BUT... on the inside things are a different story.


There are parts of you that you hardly take the time to really feel and listen.

Those parts of you are feeling numb and exhausted.  


You love your work and the results it creates (or wish you did but not sure how), but some days it feels like it’s impossible to truly have the impact you want in the world, not sure how to find work that truly aligns with your deepest purpose without burning you out. 


You want to:


  • work smarter (is that even possible???), not harder or longer hours;


  • progress to the next level in...
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Flowing with Ease or Stuck in Should-Land?

The difference between flowing with ease or being stuck in the mud in Should-Land is massive!

Making this one shift can massively change how much energy and effort you have to put into anything in your life!

When you're stuck in the Mud in Should-land, you:

  • Keep trying to figure out the "How's" (instead of trusting the unfolding)
  • Feel overwhelmed and burnt out all the time (instead of excited and energized)
  • Drowning in to-do lists (instead of living with passion)
  • Feeling a sense of obligation (instead of excitement & inspiration)
  • Get caught in the small detail thinking and tactical details of life
  • Constantly making mistakes, things are difficult and never seem to work right
  • Are uninspired and unfulfilled
  • And worst of all... You're not having fun or loving life!


But when you make the shift and get out of your head... and into your HEART:

  • You live and lead with intention
  • You have massive passion and inspiration daily
  • You act authentically in all that you do at work and...
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Why Manage Your Energy?

 When it's out of whack...


It's like driving a car with an empty gas tank.

It's like never getting the oil changed... 

or never repairing your vehicle. 


And we all know how much it would suck,

if you were unable to get to your destination 

because your car failed,

ran out of gas or

broke down on the side of the road! 


It comes down to this...


Managing your energy helps you get where you truly want to go in life, in your career and in your business and more!


With a full gas tank you can do it all!


And have energy to spare! 



But it's more than just filling up the gas tank once...


It's a lifelong journey of adjusting to your needs and the stressors of life!


 That's why I call it the Art of Conscious Living and Leadership!


Because when you know how to manage your energy, you know what fuels you! What inspires and recharges you. You can become clear on your desires, your...

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What is your TIME Mindset??? 

What does your ideal energy management schedule look like???

As a high-achiever, you may relate to this struggle of doing, working, learning, growing and achieving... but sometimes at the expense of yourself, your relationships, your health, your wealth and your overall fulfillment with life.Do you rush all the time?

  • Are you always late?
  • Do you have back-to- back meetings all day?
  • Do you feel like the world is always spinning?? 
  • Do you feel like everyone else has a say over your time, except you? 


  • Do you feel present in all that you do?
  • Do you have time and energy for everything that matters to you??
  • Do you have space in your life to breathe? 
  • To dream? 
  • To create? 
  • To THRIVE??? 

Someone asked me yesterday what my relationship was with time... 

My answer: 

My relationship with time is strong and powerful! 
I know that how we choose to spend our time creates our life so I manage it carefully, including time for work, time for...

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Courage = Fear + Doing It Anyway

Today is the day I have to speak up. I'm going to be short, but directly to the point.

You can't learn to swim by watching YouTube videos. You have to go into the water even when you are super scared and nervous.


Courage is fear + doing it anyway.


I have invested in myself for thousands of dollars over the past few years. $40K in an MBA without a clue how I'd make it happen... I had MASSIVE FEARS!!! But I did it anyway, then each step of the way it worked out and the finances appeared. Now I've completed my MBA where I was actually awarded for my leadership and personal development... which is incredible because it took a while until I was able to even work up the confidence to apply!

And before that, I was in an unhealthy marriage and decided to take a leap of faith that there was another way of living so I jumped and it all worked out... I'm now in an incredible relationship with my new husband and best friend!...

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Free Women Leaders' Success Guide


A Gift for You!

I've create a Success Guide that brings all the tips from my recent MASTERCLASS into a handy pdf that you can read and review for inspiration and reminders on how to boost your success:

... at work;

... in your career and business; and

... in your personal life!

This guide includes ACTIONABLE steps you can take today to move yourself from...

Barely Surviving....


...in all areas of your life :)

Download Your Copy of the Success Guide here!

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The Island of Full Potential

Happy Long Weekend!!!

I love long weekends when I have time for reflection, re-connection with my inspiration and clarity for my next chapter.

So I've created a workbook for you and some reflection exercises for you :)

The Island of your Full Potential!

To understand where you want to go and what you want to create in your life, you need to let go of any fears, limiting beliefs and “should” types of thinking. Instead, you want to consider what you would do, be, have, experience or create without any limits.

You can do this in three steps:

1. Once you have a clear vision, idea or inspiration of where you want to go…

2. Then you look at where you are today.

3. The gap in between is the journey to your Island of Full Potential!

The gap between where you are now and where you want to be is where I can help.

As your coach, I have the tools and strategies to help you travel the distance between where you are today and your desired future.

This can include anything you...

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Are you Ready to EXHALE???



• Create your meditation practice and exhale lifestyle so you can have the energy and focus to do what you love?

• Work with ease and flow so you have a bigger impact in your work, business and community with less effort?

• Understand your traps and the keys to unlocking them so you can have a full gas tank of energy to help you create a life (health, wealth, work, relationships and happiness) that’s a true reflection of your heart’s desire?

• Design a lifestyle that makes you feel truly excited to get out of bed every morning, and inspires everyone you meet?

IF YOU ANSWERED “YES,” “YES” AND “YES” AGAIN, and if you’re feeling more excited with each moment that passes, then click the “I’M READY” button below to get started right away.


 Or, you can choose to go back to life as usual…

Back to struggling with...

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3 Ways to Keep the "Vacation Feeling" ALL YEAR LONG...

So it's summer time and everyone is enjoying time outside in the sun, camping, swimming at the lake, ocean or relaxing on the beach... picnics, delicious dinners on the patio and time relaxing in a hammock...

This AWESOME "Vacation Feeling" of being relaxed, replenished and happy is a fantastic feeling and I have good news for you... It doesn't need to disappear as soon as school is back in at the beginning of September and we all get back to "the daily grind."

Through years of my own personal journey and in the process of coaching/teaching others, I have figured out how to keep that feeling going all year long...

This past long weekend I spend with my new in-laws at their beautiful home where we enjoyed relaxing outside with beautiful meals outdoors, playing with our nieces in the kiddie pool, lounging in the hammock... Plus we also went boating up at the lake and swimming in the beautiful warm, yet refreshingly cool lake water. It was a perfect weekend although my dog, Swift...

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My #1 Secret to Success & Almost Effortless Excellence!

Sometimes we can overthink things, wanting them, getting caught in our heads and out of the present moment.

But it can really be simple, easy and effortless.

Just remember to breathe, connect with yourself, your emotions and your vision for the future. Then the way becomes clear, the effort becomes easy and action almost happens on its own.

Whether it is one mindful breath or a full meditation session, you can shift into ease and flow...

This is the sweet spot of effort-less effort, also known as Wu-Wei.


Be still.

Stop thinking.



Take action.


See, it can be simple and easy to reconnect with your inspiration, your flow, your genius and joy!

Take just one mindful breath, move your awareness into your body and visualize, connect to your intuition and intention. Then the rest can flow with effortless ease. <3


Your Leadership Mindset & Business Strategy Coach

PS - Creating effortless effort in your work,...

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