What is your TIME Mindset??? 

Uncategorized Nov 20, 2017

What does your ideal energy management schedule look like???

As a high-achiever, you may relate to this struggle of doing, working, learning, growing and achieving... but sometimes at the expense of yourself, your relationships, your health, your wealth and your overall fulfillment with life.Do you rush all the time?

  • Are you always late?
  • Do you have back-to- back meetings all day?
  • Do you feel like the world is always spinning?? 
  • Do you feel like everyone else has a say over your time, except you? 


  • Do you feel present in all that you do?
  • Do you have time and energy for everything that matters to you??
  • Do you have space in your life to breathe? 
  • To dream? 
  • To create? 
  • To THRIVE??? 

Someone asked me yesterday what my relationship was with time... 

My answer: 

My relationship with time is strong and powerful! 
I know that how we choose to spend our time creates our life so I manage it carefully, including time for work, time for rest, time for relationships, time for self-care, chores and all the other things so I THRIVE! 

This reminded me that I haven't always felt this way....

It’s taken years of deliberate shifting gears from overworking and obligation mixed with perfectionist tenancies to now being fully present, connected, authentic and grounded (most of the time). And the key was learning to slow down, to be comfortable sitting silence for meditation or rest and mindfully enjoying every moment.

But today, I spent time planning out my schedule for the month to be sure I left time to rest, not just packing my life full of to-dos but also protecting time for rest, for play and time with my hubby, our little dog, friends and family... work and clients... and time for my relationship with ME! 

I did this by figuring out how much time I need to be at my best, then scheduling that first! Then I found space for everything else. Currently this looks like a sacred morning routine from 5-6am where I do yoga, meditate, journal and become inspired before I even get dressed for the day. Then exercise over the lunch hour, either a walk or Pilates classes. Plus I’ve found I’m at my best with Wednesday evenings as a self-care night, no chores or business activities, just time to do whatever I desire. Then Sundays are self-care, planning meals and taking care of things around the house.

What does your ideal energy management schedule look like???

It's taken me years to figure out the SECRET POWER behind managing your energy, not just your time.

Now I'm able to have a high level of output and awesome award-winning results because my schedule allows the time to recharge and maximize my energy. All this, without burnout or suffering. Instead I am able to work with more ease, having more time with friends, family and my partner and myself, contributing to the community through volunteering and having time and energy for fun, creativity, reading, learning, growing my business and more.  

This is my area of expertise and what I coach others on... and what lead to the creation of my signature Exhale & THRIVE coaching strategy because this is THE SECRET KEY to living a life you LOVE!!! 

This is what I coach other leaders to do as well... because we know that if you want to be a HIGH-IMPACT leader (in an organization or as a business owner), you need to have a HIGH LEVEL of ENERGY to sustain your positive outlook, set a good example, make sound decisions, be super creative and inspired while having fun and energy to bring home with you at the end of the day!

This is the same model that I have used to help regional directors make massive strategic shifts in their non-profit organization, to help VPs to get clarity on their career choices and to help others find and sustain the energy to build their personal businesses while working another job or managing to do an MBA at the same time, change careers, go back to school and find more ease in their every day moments.

It seems simple but when put into practice, the Exhale & THRIVE approach can be life-changing!

I believe when we look at it as managing our energy first, the time part falls into place with ease!

What is your relationship with time?

How strong and high-vibe is your energy on a daily basis?
Are you thriving, high vibe and loving life? 

If not, you can be!

Try looking at how you can manage your energy and allow your time to serve you instead of strangling you. And if you'd like help in creating your own Leadership Lifestyle of Mastery using the Exhale & THRIVE approach, send me and email and we'll chat at [email protected]

Manage your ENERGY first, not just your TIME!

Much love,


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