Flowing with Ease or Stuck in Should-Land?

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2017

The difference between flowing with ease or being stuck in the mud in Should-Land is massive!

Making this one shift can massively change how much energy and effort you have to put into anything in your life!

When you're stuck in the Mud in Should-land, you:

  • Keep trying to figure out the "How's" (instead of trusting the unfolding)
  • Feel overwhelmed and burnt out all the time (instead of excited and energized)
  • Drowning in to-do lists (instead of living with passion)
  • Feeling a sense of obligation (instead of excitement & inspiration)
  • Get caught in the small detail thinking and tactical details of life
  • Constantly making mistakes, things are difficult and never seem to work right
  • Are uninspired and unfulfilled
  • And worst of all... You're not having fun or loving life!


But when you make the shift and get out of your head... and into your HEART:

  • You live and lead with intention
  • You have massive passion and inspiration daily
  • You act authentically in all that you do at work and in your personal life
  • You are creative and artistic in all that you do
  • You are connected to your spiritual side, your inner wisdom and external sources of guidance
  • You have clarity on all aspects of your life
  • You can prioritize easily and know what direction you're headed in to reach your dream life
  • Your life and work flow with ease
  • You accomplish your work and everything you do with excellence and joy
  • You effortlessly inspire others in everything you do
  • You are connected to the big picture perspective in everything you do

To shift out of the Should's and into the sweet space and flow of living and leading from Inspiration, shift your energy and focus from the brain should's and must-do's to your heart.

Here is a simple reflection exercise to get you started!

Inspiration Self-Reflection Exercise

  1. Set the Space: First you'll want to set the space for you to have some time to reflect without disruption so you can see what comes up. Grab your favourite journal, some tea and turn on some music you enjoy (preferably without words so you can connect with your own inner words).
  2. Clear Your Mind: Then, take some time to do a small meditation to get out of your head and into your heart. This can be a full meditation session or just breathe 3-5-10 deep breaths to get yourself into your body and the present moment. Noticing what's going on in your head and letting it go with compassion. And start to connect with your body, and then your heart.

To help you do that, here are some journaling questions to get you started:

  • What gets you excited about life?
  • What would you do, be, have or experience if you had no limits? No fears? No financial or time or other restrictions?
  • What would you create in your life?

Keep going until you find the spot where you start to vibrate with excitement for life.


Then keep bring it closer...

  • What would you absolutely love to create in the next 90 days?
  • What will you feel like?
  • What will you be doing?
  • What will you be experiencing?

Then bring it closer still...

  • How can you create those feelings now today?
  • How can you shift your life to start moving in that direction?
  • What one small thing are you going to add to your life to create what you desire to feel and experience and create?

Finally, bring it all together with one or more intention statements:

  • What is your intention for the next 90 days?


Because, when you are connected to what excites you and then allow that to inspire what you do every day, how you lead your life and lead your teams and business, the rest starts to flow with more ease!

There is much more we can dive into here but this is a great way to get started working with your life as an artist... as I like to call it...

This is the Art of Conscious Living & Leadership!



Sarah Francescutti
Your Leadership Mindset, Strategy and Lifestyle Coach

PS - This is the first step in my Lifestyle Mastery for Leaders program and also what we use to get started in my Elite 1:1 coaching programs.

If you love this and want more support to live your Lifestyle of Mastery so you too can be the artist in your life and leadership role, then let's chat!

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