Courage = Fear + Doing It Anyway

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2017

Today is the day I have to speak up. I'm going to be short, but directly to the point.

You can't learn to swim by watching YouTube videos. You have to go into the water even when you are super scared and nervous.


Courage is fear + doing it anyway.


I have invested in myself for thousands of dollars over the past few years. $40K in an MBA without a clue how I'd make it happen... I had MASSIVE FEARS!!! But I did it anyway, then each step of the way it worked out and the finances appeared. Now I've completed my MBA where I was actually awarded for my leadership and personal development... which is incredible because it took a while until I was able to even work up the confidence to apply!

And before that, I was in an unhealthy marriage and decided to take a leap of faith that there was another way of living so I jumped and it all worked out... I'm now in an incredible relationship with my new husband and best friend! Our families are coming together into a new life focused on family that had only been a dream of mine for many years! 


Guess what?

Every day you have the OPPORTUNITY to change your life.


After my separation and divorce, things were challenging but I took a stand for my new life I wanted to create for myself and decided that investing my time and money in my education would be worth it!  I knew my dedication to life-long learning and creating the life of my dreams was my choice to make. I became RESOURCEFUL, COMMITTED AND TOOK RESPONSIBILITY of my own life.

Resources are available. It’s your CHOICE whether you want to use them.


Commitment is a choice. 

You don’t need to know how first!


Trust your intuition and jump!

That’s why they call it a leap of faith...


The SECRET is you don't need to know how, just trust, leap with courage and the path will appear as you go.


Being decisive makes you a successful leader and will help you create your Lifestyle of Mastery. The first step to MASTERY is taking time to EXHALE...

Reflect on where you want to go and get clear on what you desire to create with your life. Then the next step is to be BRAVE and jump in!

The SUPERSTAR leaders and business owners made their THRIVING LEADERSHIP lifestyle NON- NEGOTIABLE and the changes they have created in their careers and personal lives are PRICELESS for them. Plus they help to empower and heal the world! This can be you too!

They stood up to the FEAR they were feeling and CHOSE TO BE




If your answer is not a massive YES then what would shift that for you?

Where can you step more into your best life and leadership, whether that is leading your personal life or professional one with COURAGE?

NOW is YOUR TIME to say good-bye to your excuses and turn this year into YOUR BEST YEAR YET! 


Sarah Francescutti
Your Leadership Mindset & Business Strategy Coach

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