A New Season – A New You! Setting Your Autumn Intentions - 2019

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2019

As we enter into the new fall season, what are you focusing on?

For years now, I have been setting goals and intentions seasonally.

I always split up my focus and effort by the seasons since each season has its own energy and focus.

The summer was full of fun, holidays, entertaining and just lounging in the sun or getting outside. While the fall is more focused on regular routines, more time inside and focusing on working now that everyone is "back to school/work."

My past summer 2019 was focused on getting healthy & strong so I could transition back to work after a year and a half on sick leave without pay at home. Fortunately, with all the time off to focus on my health & recovery for a "tune-up", I was finally able to return to work this Sep!

And with the improvement of my health this past summer, we finally got pregnant after trying for 2 years! So my summer was also focused on growing the baby and taking care of myself with this new "project" <3

Then the rest of the summer was spent relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family, berry-picking, making jam, camping and morning walks in nature were some of the highlights, after finding out we were pregnant, of course ;)

Now that we change gears into the fall season, my focus is:

  1. Massive self-care and growing a healthy, strong and happy baby (and a happy, healthy momma too!) and...
  2. Growing my businesses (both my coaching biz and my skin-care biz!) so that I can have the option of staying home with baby after maternity leave!

And I'm super excited now that I'm back on my feet... to be running another LIVE round of the Lifestyle Mastery for Leaders group program starting in November!!!

So if you've been waiting for the opportunity to get in on this powerfully transformational program... now's your chance!

What about you?


What are your intentions and goals for this next season?

If you aren’t sure and haven’t set your intentions for the season, I encourage you to take time this week or upcoming weekend to meditate and/or journal it out and come up with your focus.

Setting intentions does a few things:

  • It helps you maintain focus on what matters most so you can prioritize your energy and time.
  • Plus it’s also like planting a seed into your subconscious mind that ends up creating its own momentum.
  • Once you’ve set an intention, then you are more likely to see and attract opportunities that will help you with your intended goals.

In yoga philosophy, it is called san-kalpa. According to one definition, the word can be described as:

“A vow that comes from the very core of your heart -- the place of your deepest truth.

It is different than a goal, in that it's a longing that comes from your highest self instead of your thinking brain.”

Knowing what is most important to you on this deeper level will help you create your own powerful San-Kalpa Intentions for this new season.

To tune into your deepest truth, you may want to try doing a deepest personal values exercise.

To do this, set aside some time to meditate or journal on what comes up for you when you ask yourself these questions:

1. What are my deepest personal values?
2. What am I longing for?
3. What would I love to create this season?

A similar Deepest Personal Values guided exercise was done as part of an experiment at Harvard University with a bunch of MBA students. 

The students that identified their deepest personal values reported lower levels of stress and higher levels of achievement than the students that did not identify their deepest personal values.

And I can say personally, staying connected to my own values definitely helped me manage my stress and stay focused on my priorities during my studies in 2016-2017.


Why does being connected to our deepest personal values make a difference???

I believe being connected to your deepest personal values makes a difference because under periods of stress such as starting full time school while working full time, without a focus on what matters most, people can easily get overwhelmed and lose focus on what is most important.

This is when things get unnecessarily hard, difficult and our health and well-being suffer.

But when we focus on our deepest personal values first, then we can go into any activity whether it is a short-term stressor like school or other regular life ups-and- downs of running a business, work and general personal life stuff, we are able to prioritize and stay focused on what really matters!

I have shared this exercise at numerous workshops and classes. My
clients prefer to first do a guided meditation to tune-into their deeper levels of being. Then after the meditation, they journal about what came up and explore it deeper.

If you’d like to follow a Deepest Personal Values guided meditation, you can download it here as my gift to you :)

Beautiful relaxing music, maybe some candles, your favourite journal and a delicious cup of tea will also help you create the space and mood to make this an enjoyable and fun self-reflection exercise!

Create your own intention for this new season by connecting to your deepest personal values , truth and desires of your heart to make the most of the next 90 days to create your (im)possible future!

And if you'd like more tips, tools & inspiration for setting powerful intentions so you can smash your goals and dreams this year... I'd love to invite you to join our upcoming RESET Challenge starting on 21 October!

You can sign up for the challenge here:



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