A Recipe for Burnout

Uncategorized Nov 23, 2017

I know you… successful leader, manager and/or entrepreneur, working too hard, giving to everyone but yourself.

You’re known for getting amazing results (or you believe you would be if you could just work HARDER and LONGER hours).

And sure, on the surface you’ve got it going on--the life, career and business everyone is aspiring to achieve.


BUT... on the inside things are a different story.


There are parts of you that you hardly take the time to really feel and listen.

Those parts of you are feeling numb and exhausted.  


You love your work and the results it creates (or wish you did but not sure how), but some days it feels like it’s impossible to truly have the impact you want in the world, not sure how to find work that truly aligns with your deepest purpose without burning you out. 


You want to:


  • work smarter (is that even possible???), not harder or longer hours;


  • progress to the next level in your career or business but don't want to give up your remaining shreds of energy and time to make it happen; and


  • share your true message with the world as a confident, calm, compassionate and collaborative leader!  


But that isn’t your reality (just yet) and that is why you have to stop doing things the way you are(I can help)!  

It’s time to just stop and realize that you are headed towards burnout and once you’re there, everything becomes 10x harder.  

I know because I’ve been there.

So what’s a visionary, powerful business woman like you to do?  

You’ve got work to do, money to make, and people to help. How will you possibly get it all done?

You won’t.  That’s the truth.  Not doing things the way you have been doing them.  

That’s why I created something new, a special program I’m doing with an intimate number of women leaders, specifically designed to BREATHE LIFE INTO YOU…

Lifestyle Mastery for Leaders

This group coaching program is designed to help you course-correct the path you are on, so that you can:

  • Finally, work less hours.
  • Simplify your work to what really matters, creating results in the most elegant way possible.
  • Get the support you need to THRIVE!
  • Craft and share your deeper message as a woman and as a leader that you are here to share so that you can lead your teams and build your business with effortless ease and joy!


It really is possible, and I’m ready to talk to you heart to heart to tell you how you can go from burnout to inspired, living the life, having the impact, and leading your teams and business the way you're truly meant to.


Book your no obligation time to talk about how you can work less, lead your teams and business with confidence and ease while sharing your deeper message without burning yourself out in the process.


Space is extremely limited.  Let’s talk.


Go to this link and book one of the few open sessions today:

Book Your Heart to Heart with Sarah

To working less while achieving MORE!!!

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