Season Changes, Time of Harvest & Celebrations - 2019

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2019

As the weather turns cooler, the leaves of the trees surrounding my house are turning brown and when I walk my cutie-pie dog, Swift, the ground is starting to be covered with leaves… This is my favourite time of year, when the air cools and becomes fresh while we all bundle up and start wearing our winter boots, scarves, sweaters and jackets. (I also love spring, for the new beginnings and promise as things start to open & bloom)

At each change of the season, I take time to reflect on the past chapter and set intentions for the new season. I shared with you already a bit about this in my previous email/post about setting intentions. Today, I’d like to share with you an exercise I do to reflect on the past season and celebrate all the learning, experiences and accomplishments!
3 Easy Steps to Celebrate the Season

1. Reflect: This is where you take time with your favourite journal and a delicious cup of tea (since it’s fall my #1 choice this time of year is chai tea, what's yours?) to take time to reflect on all that you’ve accomplished, experienced and done over the past season.

  • What have you accomplished?
  • What amazing experiences have you had?
  • What have you learned? How have you changed/grown?
  • What were your intentions and what was your actual experience?

For me, I’ve accomplished some MASSIVE LIFE CHANGES...

  1. Got pregnant with our first child this summer! We're expecting baby Francescutti to arrive in April 2020 <3
  2. Returned to work after 1.5 years off for medical reasons. Quite a feeling of achievement from working through some difficult health stuff that took waaay longer than I would have liked to recover.
  3. Began 2 new roles in my Board work as regional Honours & Awards Rep as well as now part of the Strategic Review Committee.

So what about you? What comes up for you as you reflect on the past 3-6

2. Gather & Harvest: As part of the harvest autumn season, this is where you can gather together all you’ve created over the past few months. Take the time to see what you can harvest from your efforts!

  • What have you been creating? (hint: what has been your focus the past season?)
  • What was your intention?
  • Where did you spend your energy and time?
  • What were you growing/changing/expanding?

3. Celebrate: Now this is where you can do something special to acknowledge all you’ve achieved, accomplished, experienced and changed in your life…

  • How do you want to acknowledge and celebrate your wins?
  • What would make you feel special?
  • What would be a super fun way to mark all you’ve experienced, learned and grown in your life this past season?
  • What would be meaningful?
  • How can you celebrate both your personal and professional achievements?

For me, I’m going to celebrate a few ways:

  1. Slowing down and appreciating the season, the miracle of growing a life in my belly and giving myself lots of down-time to rest, recharge and keep my energy up.
  2. Sharing quality time with family & friends with Sunday dinners, weekend visits, game nights and weekend afternoons sitting by the fire with my love and our cutie-pie dog.
  3. Taking time to journal about all of these changes, plus my hopes & dreams for the year(s) to come.

So what about you? How are you going to celebrate all your accomplishments this past season?

It may not be a trip, but perhaps a special evening with friends or family, sharing with others on social media or just a quiet day at home reflecting on your own.

However you choose to reflect, gather and celebrate, enjoy the process, allow it all to be acknowledged, really witnessed and celebrated!

Sometimes it's easy to focus only on what is missing, what you’re building toward or what you didn’t quite achieve.

But truly, there is SO MUCH to be CELEBRATED!!!  

Enjoy taking time to shift gears with the season and acknowledge this transition into a new phase by reflecting all that the last season brought into your life and preparing to live with intention in the new season.

And I'd love to take you through my entire Seasonal RESET process in my upcoming Fall RESET Challenge!

You can sign up here:

Much love,

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