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What is your leadership role/business? How big is your team/business? Why do you love what you do?

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Why do you want to work with Sarah? How do you know she is the coach + mentor for you?

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Why are you an amazing fit to work with Sarah?

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If you could make a positive difference in the world... what would it be? Why are you super passionate about having this impact? 

Why are you amazing at what you do?

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How happy are you with your current position/business results,  career progress & overall income? 

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How satisfied are you with your work & personal life? What is your current level of stress? Why?

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What is the #1 struggle in your leadership/business right now that if solved, you know would allow you to see bigger results and better life fairly quickly?

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What is your biggest leadership issue? (ex: growing your business, personnel challenges, meeting financial goals, lack of motivation/poor morale, managing your own workload, etc)

What is your biggest personal challenge? (ex: working too much, lacking self-care, health or relationship issues, self confidence, productivity, personal growth, etc)

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What have you tried in the past to address these issues/challenges? Did it work? If not, why?

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What are your top 3 goals that you are looking to achieve during your time working with Sarah?

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Outside of leadership mastery & self-development, what other goals/desires do you have that if accomplished will allow you to feel completely EMPOWERED?

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What does fully committed mean to you? How committed are you to your goals that you are sharing on this application? Why?

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What hesitations (if any) do you have when it comes to hiring Sarah as your mentor/coach? Why?

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Which program are you MOST interested in?


Lifestyle Mastery for Leaders Group Coaching Program


Private EMPOWERED LEADER Mentorship/Coaching


I have NO IDEA which would be best for me... Can we chat?

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Are you ready to invest in coaching/mentorship?

Investment for Lifestyle Mastery for Leaders Group Program: $2,000  (or 4x $547)

Investment for EMPOWERED LEADER 1:1 Private Coaching: $10,000 (or 4x $2800) 


Yes, I want to work with Sarah and can invest $10k in my leadership & business over the next 4 months.


Yes, I want to work with Sarah and can invest $2k in my business over the next 4 months.


No, I want to work with Sarah but I don't have that amount to invest at this time. Anything else that would be a good fit?


No, I want to work with Taylor but I do not have any money to invest.

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Anything else you'd like Sarah to know about you and your goals?

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