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Working with Sarah Francescutti is for high-achieving, visionary leaders who want to be fully EMPOWERED so they can work with ease, energy & impact while creating mastery in business & life!

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Working with Sarah

It's time for you and your business to THRIVE!

As an ideal client for Sarah you value: working with both your brain & heart, trusting and following your intuition, stepping into your next level mindset, having a leadership & business strategy that creates massive productivity and amazing impact in the world, designing your business goals and strategy around your dream life.

There are currently 3 ways to work with Sarah:

1. 90 Minute Intensive Session: This is for you if you're wanting to get support on identifying a quick fix on a specific project or challenge, to identify some mindset shifts and/or developing and action plan, systems & strategies to THRIVE in your leadership, business & life! ($500 for 90 minute intensive)  No need to apply, you can sign up here!

2. Lifestyle Mastery for Leaders Group Program: This is for you if you're currently in a leadership or business role looking to shift from frantic and chaotic to focused, inspired, clear and thriving... where you live a fulfilling lifestyle and create your own amazing impact in the world as a Superstar Leader in the next 4 months. ($2,000 investment) You can see the program details and sign up here.

3. Designed to THRIVE: 90 day Leadership Coaching Mentorship: This is for you if you are currently in an executive or middle/senior management role. If you're building or running your own business and are serious about increasing your business results, this program is also for you!

You're serious and committed about improving the overall quality of your  leadership & life by focusing on 3 areas of mastery: personal, leadership & business!

You're totally ready to invest in working with Sarah in private coaching mentorship! ($3,000 investment). You can see the program details here!

4. Join the Exhale & Thrive community online: If you are unable to invest in coaching right now, I'd still love to support you in our online community! 

Join the High-Achieving, Visionary Leaders FB Group HERE! 


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