Sarah Francescutti

Sarah helps High-Achieving, Visionary leaders to uplevel their professional and personal results. She helps you THRIVE so you can have the incredible impact in your business and the world that you are here for!

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It's Your Time to THRIVE!

I believe everyone can (and should) THRIVE! But the pressures of leading or running your own business (or both at the same time!) can leave you burnt out, running on empty or just lacking in creativity. 

But I have great news for you, you are in the right place! As a high-achieving, visionary leader myself, I know exactly what you're going through, what you struggle with and the things you may not even be admitting to yourself.

I am here to help and have my unique Exhale & Thrive Strategy that I've developed to address your top 3 concerns: wanting more time, more energy and less stress! 

Sarah Francescutti, MBA, CEC

An International Mindset & Business Strategy Coach for High-Achieving, Visionary Leaders, Sarah has clients across the globe! She has coached executives, Regional Directors, VPs, Senior Managers, Middle Managers and New Managers as well as many Entrepreneurs from Coaches, Financial Advisors and a wide variety of industries. These clients are women and men in Canada, the USA, Italy, New Zealand and Australia. 

She has a Master of Business Administration specializing in Management Consulting and is a Certified Executive Coach with over 600+ hours of coaching experience supporting executives, senior leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and high-achieving, visionary leaders like yourself!

She has also worked as an internal coach for the Department of National Defence helping hundreds of military members transition out of the military due to injuries or illness. She assists them in working through fear, anger and other concerns that come up with first told their military career is ending. Then she helps them come up with new ideas for career and education options to start the next chapter in their life. 

Sarah is a certified Executive Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and has an Executive Certificate in Strategic Leadership.

Plus, she has been teaching mindfulness meditation in the professional environment and in the community since 2012. 

She blends her unique approach of formal business training, experience working in an executive office and leadership expertise with her deep understanding of conscious living, self awareness, manifestation and more! 

She is known for her positive energy, calming presence and strong accountability combined with freedom she provides her clients. 

If you'd like to get support so you can shift from barely surviving, to flourishing and thriving, book a call with Sarah or check out her programs to get started today! 

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