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Working with Sarah Francescutti is for high-achieving, visionary leaders who want to be fully EMPOWERED so they can work with ease, energy & impact while creating mastery in business & life!

As an ideal client for Sarah you value: working with both your brain & heart, trusting and following your intuition, stepping into your next level mindset, having a leadership & business strategy that creates massive productivity and amazing impact in the world, designing your business goals and strategy around your dream life.

There are currently 2 ways to work with Sarah:

  • Lifestyle Mastery for Leaders Group Program. For those currently in a leadership or business role looking to shift from frantic and chaotic to focused, inspired, clear and thriving... where you live a fulfilling lifestyle and create your own amazing impact in the world as a Superstar Leader in the next 4 months. ($2,000 investment)

  • Private 1:1 EMPOWERED LEADER Mentorship. For those currently in a middle/senior management role or building their own business and are serious about increasing their business results and overall quality of leadership & life by focusing on 3 areas of mastery: personal, leadership & business! ($10,000 investment)

If you are unable to invest in coaching right now, I'd still love to support you in our online community! 

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